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Matt Frewer v. Jim Carrey

An observation, after watching that Alice miniseries: for a moment, I thought the White Night character was Jim Carrey, because he seemed to be acting in a Jim Carrey-esque manner. But then I realized it was Matt Frewer. You know, Max Headroom. And for the first time ever, I realized that Jim Carrey's standard comic performance is based on Max Headroom. Further evidence: Carrey was considerably less wacky in his first TV appearance as a young animation exec in The Duck Factory.

A bonus observation from Alice: it had one CGI creature, the Jabberwock, as I mentioned previously. Since it chases Alice and the Hatter (played by Andrew-Lee Potts) thtough a forest, and since Andrew-Lee Potts also played Connor Temple, that whole scene looked an awful lot like Primeval, which made it one of the better moments in the movie.
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I agree. I was watching Max Headroom a couple months ago and noticed that America's favorite fartsmith seemed to to take a lot of his behaviors from Headroom, minus the stuttering.

I remember seeing Carrey before that in an awful teen vampire comedy called "Once Bitten"; he was playing the ingenuous lead, basically a straight-man role. He also had a fairly remarkable stand-up act in which he basically just contorted his face to resemble various people, but he wasn't doing the later Jim Carrey Act there either.

It was on "In Living Color" that he started doing these really grotesque characters like Fire Marshal Bill, and that was post-Max Headroom.
"In Living Color" was definitely Carrey's gateway to his current success.

And yeah, now that I think about it, I agree that Carrey is channeling Max Headroom.

Hmm, someone on youtube shares this belief about Carrey and Max, as seen in the title of this video, while the video is just Max Headroom's appearance on David Letterman's show. Part 2.

It's so bizarre, because Matt Frewer is never otherwise seen doing this kind of way-over-the-top behavior. I used to think he was always pre-recorded and post-processed, but I think now that he's just filmed with a low framerate. Not sure how they do the stutter live, though.

Oh wow.

I had no idea where the "biological containment specialist" in Eureka was familiar from.
Apparently none of you watched the actual Max Headroom series, which was a weird sort of Cyberpunk set in an environmentally-compromised urban wasteland, where TV and disposable junk were the the runaway technologies, and it was illegal to turn off your TV. Max was a sort of AI created by Network 23, in the image of their frequently-undercover reporter, Edison Carter, played by Frewer. (The movie, which was a sort of pilot for the series, indicated that Network 23 found Carter to be too expensive, and his undercover reports too disruptive to other friendly megacorps, so they decided to replace him with a computer program. Max was born.)

Max Headroom assisted Carter and his team of Network 23 producers and technicians, because he could move around from channel to channel, essentially doing all the heavy-lifting of any kind of "hacking" that was required. Max was also, somehow "8 minutes in the future," so occasionally his prescience would come into play.

Also, while listening to the "Jordan, Jesse, GO!" podcast (which I discovered recently via our mutual friend jwgh,) I learned that in 1997, someone broadcast a TV signal which drowned out a Chicago area PBS station (airing Dr. Who at the time, which more or less guaranteed people would see it and tape it, when you think about it). What appeared, for 2 minutes, was a man in a Max Headroom mask, and what appears to be a piece of polished corrugated metal attached to a pendulum, to simulate the odd lines behind Max Headroom. He talks for a short while, adn then you see his naked ass getting spanked, in profile. It's pretty inoffensive, but I wouldn't call it safe for work.

The video is here. Probably NSFW. 2 minutes
Oh, I've seen it. I was about to say it was the best dystopian future TV series ever, but I'm having trouble thinking of others (Dark Angel, Logan's Run, but were there others?) The series also featured that Australian guy who lifted giant batteries over his head and shouted "Oi!"


Matt Frewer and Jim Carrey

So... I am watching Honey I Shrunk the Kids and noticed that Russ Sr. (Played by Matt Frewer) sounds just like Jim Carrey... I was curious if anyone mentioned this online and ran across this... There has to be some connection... Either Jim wants to sound like him (given Matt came first) or Jim totally ate Matt!!

Re: Matt Frewer and Jim Carrey

Indeed! Like I said, Jim Carrey did a sitcom before either "Max Headroom" or that movie, but he sounded nothing like his usual wacky self. The change must have been a conscious decision.


Lol , I am watching that movie and we couldn't work out if it was Carey or not , hence finding this from you :-)


In the dumb and dumber movie, Jim Carey plays lloyd. In the dumb and dumber cartoon, Matt Frewer plays the voice of lloyd. They are very similar in their personas and they even sound similar. I can't say that I've seen the movie you all are talking about, but I just saw Matt Frewer in an episode of start trek TNG and theought he was jim carey but the age of him wouldn't make sense, leading to this discovery.


Watch "Honey I Shrunk the Kids." Matt Frewer's voice, mannerisms, the way he yells, everything he does in that movie... complete with fish face and hands flapping over ears as if they're gils. Definitely similar to Jim Carrey. I didn't think Carrey ripped off Frewer's act but I did wondered if Frewer was related somehow.


Jim frewer

Ha! I was just watching the Star Trek TNG episode, "A Matter of Time"(guest-starring Frewer) and was like, " What! Those are straight up Jim Carrey faces!" But of course, before Carrey became famous. So I googled "Jim Carry doing Matt Frewer"...

Really happy to find someone else noticed this!

The TNG episode is a great example because Frewer's character is way over the top to begin with.