Talysman the Ur-Beatle (urbeatle) wrote,
Talysman the Ur-Beatle

String Theory

Ever since Slashdot posted a link to an article about how string theory has set physics back 30 years, I've been wondering how clsoe to the truth this guy's opinions might be. I'm no physicist or mathematician, so my knowledge of string theory mostly comes from that PBS special and various articles in places like Scientific American. String theory certainly sounds intriguing because of the whole multiple universes angle (although you can't *get* to those other universes, so what's the point in having them?) Also, the 4 dimensions plus 6 or 7 curled up dimensions thing reminds me a little of the six-dimensional model Ouspensky wrote about, although he was an occultist, not a physicist. No, wait, come to think of it, I think he did have a physics degree of some kind...

Anyways, since there are a couple physics-type persons on my friends list, what's your opinion of string theory? Is it just math at this point that may eventually be useful, or is it advancing physics in some way? Should it be the focus of research? Has it made any testable predictions yet?

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