Talysman the Ur-Beatle (urbeatle) wrote,
Talysman the Ur-Beatle

Plans Go Awry!

So, I ran into the following problems with the new computer:

  1. The plan was to just get a computer, no monitor, because I have a flat screen that I haven't been using. Connected computer to monitor ... oops, monitor can't turn on anymore; keeps flashing at me. Well, it was at least 9 years old, and had already lost a couple pixels. Should have expected that.

  2. The plan was also to get the new computer set up in the front room in a temporary spot before replacing the old computer. It would give me a chance to use it; getting access to my own computer has been unpredictable. However, I neglected to take into account how hard not sitting on a chair was going to be.

  3. Also, I wanted to set up antivirus and stuff offline, then connect over the wireless network at first, switching to ethernet when I moved the computer to its final location. Oops, forgot that it was my first pick that had the wireless; second pick doesn't.

  4. Oh well, I should use the 16 GB thumbdrive I bought to back up important stuff from the old computer, transfer that and some tools I want set up before turning off the old computer and packing it away. Oh, wait, that old computer transfers files to USB pretty damned slowly, especially since none of the ports think they're USB 2.0 anymore (one of the reasons it's being replaced.) Took 4 hours to copy 6 gigs of stuff to the thumb drive. Copying onto the new computer took 15 minutes. Bleh. Also, I apparently have more than 16 gigs of stuff.

So now a lot of stuff has been transferred, but the plan is to temporarily set up both computers side by side and copy over the network.

On the plus side, the unexpected monitor I had to purchase is bigger and wider. FInally have 16:9! Oh, but there was an annoying thing there, too: computer has VGA and HDMI output. Monitor has VGA, HDMI, and ... DV/I? Or something. Guess which cable isn't included with either the computer or the monitor? HDMI. The VGA still looks better than anything I've ever had before.
Tags: plans

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