Talysman the Ur-Beatle (urbeatle) wrote,
Talysman the Ur-Beatle

"I Met Her on the Live Journal!"

"I have been BLOGGING!"

Looks like I've finally got internet on the new computer. I had a Linksys USB wireless adapter, which worked on the other computer back when I was staying with the Vampyrecat/Vajra family. But it wasn't working on this computer. It would connect just long enough to download half an update of something, then die. Chrome was not working. I bought a new USB wireless adapter and now it's working.

I just happened to have the Linksys USB because the same thing happened before: I had a D-Link USB wireless adapter that worked fine on my laptop, then a couple years later, I tried to use it with the previous computer and it wouldn't work. I'm beginning to think that USB wireless adapters are designed to fail every four or five years.

I'm glad this is working, because extensive writing on the Nexus 7 is *hard*. I didn't much like blogging on it, although quick little Facetybook comments weren't too bad. Tablets are great, but they are very much a popcorn media machine and not a meat-and-potatoes writing tool.

Although just writing this post on the new computer tells me: this keyboard SUCKS.
Tags: life

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