Talysman the Ur-Beatle (urbeatle) wrote,
Talysman the Ur-Beatle

You Made Your Own Bed

I'm a pretty anti-commercial guy. Not in the sense that I boycott mass-products products and make all my own clothing out of hemp. But I hate being sold to. I hate intrusive ads.

On the World Wide Web, I've used ad-block programs in the past, but for a couple years I haven't. My eyes just automatically move away from the ads. It's usually only the pop-ups and the like that really annoy me, and I avoid sites that use those regularly. (For example, Upworthy is getting really popular for sharing, but I avoid them because they want you to sign some petition or some other BS related to the article you haven't even read yet. Jackasses.)

There's this one forum I visit daily that is hosted on ProBoards. Love the forum, don't mind the forum software, but the banner ads frequently slow down page loads or even cause the browser to hang. My anti-virus software -- I've tried three or four of the front-runners -- reports that it blocked malware in a ProBoards ad about once a month. Today, the site kept locking up repeatedly, and I would have to close the browser or the tab to do anything else.

So, I installed AdBlock Plus. The site now loads superfast and has none of the previous problems. And, I get to see this in place of the banner ad:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
Please consider supporting this website by disabling your ad-blocker.
This website does not use audio ads, popups, or other annoyances. Thank you!

The irony being, of course, that it was their annoyances that made me install an ad blocker. You guys had your chance...
Tags: funny, rant

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