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Temple Talysman

the secret world of the Ur-Beatle

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Talysman the Ur-Beatle
6 November 1963
I'm either an experimental musician with a fondness for animation and humorous or surrealist writing, or a crazed loon. I like stuff. I'm fascinated by things that don't fit in, that are out of place, that combine two or more concepts in a jarring manner; I'm also fascinated by obscure stuff, movies people forgot about or don't know about their existence, strange facts of history. I design RPGs. I record music. I point out absurd events.

Things you will probably see in my journal:

  • my latest weird RPG concept,
  • strange lyrics I or someone else may later record,
  • reminescing about old TV shows,
  • commentary about new TV shows,
  • reports on a noise performance (especially noisefest.)

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